3 Step Natural Skin Care Set | Normal-Dry Skin Set | Facial Set | Facial Cleanser, Exfoliate, Moisturize

Try Pin Up Cosmetics Facial Skin Care Set. Our 3-Step Skin Care Set is perfect for mature skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, and combo skin. Handcrafted using only natural and high-quality ingredients. Great gift for Mother's Day.

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Pin Up Cosmetics Free Samples

Welcome to Pin Up Cosmetics! We are a handcrafted natural and vegan beauty brand based in San Francisco, CA. We craft our products with care in small batches. 

Shop Pin Up Cosmetics on Etsy and receive a free sample. Shipping is free!


Fun Mommy SF

We love @funmommysf and we are thrilled to read their latest blog about Pin Up Cosmetics. See here


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Portlandia Season 7

portlandia_701_episodic-800x450 We are thrilled to have Pin Up Cosmetics used on the set of Portlandia Season 7. Premiering January 5th on IFC. Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein and the Guest Stars were prepped with Pin Up Cosmetics Rose petal face cream, lavender & chamomile cream, blush and our lip balms. See list of Portlandia Guest Stars. #Portlandia #ifcportlandia #season7 #pinupcosmeticssf #ifc 13938454_10154497049259630_5145280909644279409_n


We are so excited to have #pinupcosmeticssf products used on the set of #bettercallsaul season 3...Amazing! Thank you!!@ashlynnemua ❤️ #veganbeauty #sanfrancisco #handcrafted #pinupcosmeticssf 
Repost from @ashlynnemua using @RepostRegramApp - Thank you @pinupcosmeticssf for all your #allnatural #makeup and #skincare goodies!! After every actor washes their face with the vegan cleansing grains or the Rose #vegan, #sulfatefree and #parabenfree, cleanser at the end of the night - we make sure to end it with the serum! The #makeup team on #Season3 of #BetterCallSaul love it! #SetLife #MakeupArtist #Beauty #PinUpCosmetics #Skin #ABQMakeupArtist #NMMakeupimg_28701

Exfoliate & Moisturize your skin!


Exfoliate & Moisturize your skin with Pin Up Cosmetics Vegan Cleansing Grains and Refresh Serum.

Our vegan cleansing grains are crafted with oats, clay, organic brown rice, chamomile/lavender flower and a pinch of fresh peppermint leaf. A gentle way to exfoliate and leave your skin feeling refreshed.

Moisturize and protect your skin with our Refresh Serum.

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Turn your mineral foundation into a liquid foundation

12642500_10153955678799630_8124913261084395022_n I recommend this application if you have dry skin or simply prefer the familiarity of liquid foundation. You have complete control over how much coverage you achieve, from tinted moisturizer (lightest) to thick, rich cream (fullest) because you are mixing it yourself. If you struggle with dryness, sometimes mineral makeup can enhance that tight feeling, and leave you less-than-glowing, but by using the liquid method you moisturize and cover at the same time.

To start, cleanse and moisturize your face. Then in your foundation lid, or on a saucer if you prefer, mix a dollop of your favorite Pin Up Cosmetics moisturizer with just a sprinkle of foundation powder. Experiment with ratios to come up with the coverage that’s just right for you.

To apply, you can either use your fingers, a makeup sponge, or for the best coverage and professional finish, I like to use a foundation brush. Be sure to blend well, especially around the hair and jaw lines; this technique is the least forgiving if you don’t blend.  You might like to dust on a light, dry coat of Pin Up Cosmetics mineral veil if you want a matte finish, or if you’re going for a more dewy look, go without.

What you will need:

Pin Up Cosmetics Rose Petal Face Cream or Lavender & Chamomile Cream and our Vegan Mineral Foundation.

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Pin Up Cosmetics Lavender and Grapefruit Serum has a new look!

Pin Up Cosmetics Lavender and  Grapefruit Serum has a new look! untitled-design

Our Lavender and Grapefruit  Serum is a lightweight oil based moisturizer packed with good for you ingredients.

Lavender and Grapefruit  Serum

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13938454_10154497049259630_5145280909644279409_n Pin Up Cosmetics is honored to have our products used on the set of #ifcportlandia #portlandiaseason7

A Huge thank you to @terrilodge and the Portlandia team. @RepostRegramApp - Prepping for our fave girl Nina! Thank you sooo much to Pin Up Cosmetics for our great products! @pinupcosmeticssf #ninasgotyourblushon #portlandias7 #ifcportlandia #rosemoisturuzerisamazing #rosepetalfacecream #portland #sanfrancisco #veganbeauty #veganskincare #vegancosmetics

Victoria Lyn Beauty -Artisan Group Swag Bag Unboxing

BAKERY We are thrilled to be apart of the The Artisan Group Swag Bag gifted to Victoria Lyn Beauty.  So many wonderful handcrafted treasures including Pin Up Cosmetics  Vegan Mineral Blush in Dolce Vita, Vegan Mineral Eye Shadow in Gorgeous and our Vegan Balmshell Bronzer in Tropic Sunset. You can purchase the items gifted to Victoria Lyn Beauty. Shipping is Free!


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Swag Bag Unboxing | Handmade Etsy Items

BAKERY Pin Up Cosmetics had an amazing opportunity to gift our Vegan Mineral Blush in Desire & Dolce Vita as well as our Vegan Mineral Foundation to LolaLynn Mitchell in association with The Artisan Group.  Pin Up Cosmetics is honored to be among all of the other amazing artisans.  #lolalynnmitchell #pinupcosmeticssf #vaganbeauty #handcrafted #mineralmakeup #vegancosmetics #theartisangroup


Megan Hilt Review of Pin Up Cosmetics Vegan Cleansing Grains & Rose Petal Face Cream

BAKERY Check out this fun review from Megan Hilt about Pin Up Cosmetics Vegan Cleansing Grains and Rose Petal Face Cream.


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Pin Up Cosmetics Rose Petal Face Cream has a New Look!


We are excited to announce our Rose Petal Face Cream has a NEW LOOK designed by Julia Marie Design Studio.

Thank you for making our Rose Petal Face Cream our #1 seller.  Stop by your local San Francisco Whole Foods Markets or Rainbow Grocery Co-Op and sample our Rose Petal Face Cream.

You can also purchase our products online at Amazon & Etsy. #rosecream #rosepetalfacecream #pinupcosmeticssf #ecobeauty #naturalbeauty #naturalskincare

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Check Out Pin Up Cosmetics in Bob Cut Magazine!

We are thrilled we made the Bob Cut Magazine must have list in all beauty categories from skin care to body care and cosmetics.  Read all about us and other indie beauty brands. Photography by Anthony Rogers of Neo Visualism Photography | www.neovisualismphoto.com

Photography by Anthony Rogers of Neo Visualism Photography | www.neovisualismphoto.com

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Pin Up Cosmetics Lavender & Chamomile Face Cream

Pin Up Cosmetics had an amazing opportunity to gift our Lavender & Chamomile Face Cream to Hayley Segar in association with The Artisan Group.  Check out what Hayley Segar had to say about Pin Up Cosmetics and all of the other amazing artisans. Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.29.17 PM#pinupcosmeticssf #vaganbeauty #handcrafted #skincare #theartisangroup #hayleysegar

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Pin Up Cosmetics Skin Care Sale @Whole Foods Market

4 copy Pin Up Cosmetics will be taking part in the Whole Foods Market Skin Care Sale March 18th-20th.

All facial care 25% off! Now is your chance to stock up on Pin Up Cosmetics Rose Petal Face Cream, Vegan Cleansing Grains and Grapefruit & Lavender Serum.

Stop by and check out our demo and pick up Pin Up Cosmetics free samples.

  • (Fri) 3/18 @Whole Foods Market, 450 Rhode Island St, SF, CA (12-2pm)
  • (Sat) 3/19 @Whole Foods Market, 690 Stanyan St, SF, CA (12-2pm)
  • (Sat) 3/19 @Whole Foods Market, 2001 Market St, SF, CA (12-2pm)
  • (Sun) 3/20 @Whole Foods Market, 1250 Jefferson Ave, Redwood City, CA (4-6pm)

Check out our latest customer review:

I first tried Pin Up Cosmetics products when my local Whole Foods had some samples. I was totally hooked instantly and haven't used anything else since! First of all the product smells absolutely wonderful. I've had the rose and the lavender creams and both are a pure aromatherapy treat. The cream is rich but my skin absorbs it quickly and my face feels so hydrated. I love the simple natural ingredients and small batch process. I plan to keep using Pin Up for a long time.

Angie Tribeca!

IMG_2172 Pin Up Cosmetics received an amazing shout out today from Actress Andree Vermeulen and Celebrity MUA Elizabeth Hoel-Chang of the TBS show Angie Tribeca. See shout out https://www.instagram.com/ehmakeupartist #pinup #pinupgirl #pinupcosmeticssf #adorable #vegan #crueltyfree #makeup #makeupartist #amazing #retro #vintage #beautiful #beauty #bridgetbardot #gorgeous #angietribeca #tbs #naturalcosmetics #veganbeauty

Pin Up Cosmetics Skin Care

Shop Pin Up Cosmetics Skin Care on Amazon. Email us your Amazon receipt and we will send you a free sample of our Grapefruit & Lavender Serum.

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Email us: wholesale@pinupcosmetics.net

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Pin Up Cosmetics Vegan Hair Elixir in Lavender and Rose

Have you tried our handcrafted Vegan Hair Elixir? You are going to love our conditioning leave in hair treatment. Nourish and strengthen your hair from root to tip. Contains pure Argan Oil and pure essential oils. Available as a set in rose and lavender. No Parabens, No Petroleum, No Mineral Oil, No Artificial Colors




Shop Pin Up Cosmetics Hair Elixir

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Check Us Out on Youtube

It's been a long time coming but we finally created a Youtube Channel for Pin Up Cosmetics. We are looking for contributes  for our Youtube Channel.  If you love natural & vegan beauty products please send us an email and tell us about yourself along with links to your work.

Email: wholesale@pinupcosmetics.net

Pin Up Cosmetics on Youtube


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