Pin Up Cosmetics makes it easy to be glamorous with a conscious! 


Pin Up Cosmetics is a artisanal natural and vegan beauty brand with a retro flair. Created in 2007 in beautiful San Francisco, CA.

Our products are created in small batches ensuring the highest level of quality and freshness. Tested on friends and family never on animals.

We artfully craft our products using pure minerals, pure essential oils and plant based ingredients. Our products are free of synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates, silicones, petrochemicals, carmine, bismuth oxychloride and FD&C colors. Pin Up Cosmetics makes it easy to be glamorous with a conscience.


That's Me with my Mom circa 1973...She gave me my creative spark! My name is Aprill Lacey I’m an artisan, make up artist,  and founder of Pin Up Cosmetics. I wear many hats but my greatest achievement is being a Mother to a wonderful son. The idea of Pin Up Cosmetics started in the late 90’s when my son was in kindergarten.

As a single Mother at the time I had been working as a retail manager for a prestige cosmetic company. Due to using the prestige products my skin was at it's worst. I began my search for natural beauty products that were truly natural and suitable for my skin tone. At the time I couldn’t find a product that suited my needs. After much research I started crafting lip care and mineral make up out of my kitchen which turned into Avril Cosmetics. Avril was sold at vintage boutique clothing stores in San Francisco, CA and Berkeley, CA. I took time off from building the Avril brand to focus on raising my son.

In 2007 I reinvented Avril under the name Pin Up Cosmetics. Continuing my love of artisan natural and vegan beauty products while adding my twist of retro glamour. Today Pin Up is available in health food stores, boutiques, salons and specialty stores.